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Energy Efficiency

Did you know that up to 40 percent of heat is transferred in and out of your home through your windows and doors? This means that your windows and doors are often working against you when you try to heat or cool your home.

Windows and doors are a major factor in keeping your home energy efficient. Carefully selecting the right frame and glass can have massive benefits all year round and save you money. Depending on the climate and the position of your house’s windows, there are a lot of things to consider.

If the window gets a lot of direct sun, consider a tinted glass to minimise glare and reduce how much heat is absorbed and let into the room. For living spaces, double glazing is a great way to keep your air conditioning and heating as efficient as possible by minimising the amount of heat allowed in or out.

We offer double glazing across a wide range of our windows and doors. Our windows are WERS rated so you can be sure of performance.

If you have any questions, our in-house window experts can help go through your plans and assist in selecting the perfect windows and doors that meet your performance requirements and budget.